Most Wanted Ancestors

Most Wanted List:

  1. Biological father of Leroy Franklin Roley.  Leroy Roley was born April 16, 1875 in Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri.  His parents, Michael Vance Roley and Edna Sampson, had been married only five months at the time.  Additionally, genetic evidence seems to indicate that his descendants don’t match other members of the extended Roley family.  There are, however, multiple matches to the Sampson line, and multiple Leroy descendants who match each other.  The reactivation of the GedMatch Triangulation utility may aid in this line of inquiry.
  2. Child of Della Kemp Rosentreter.  Multiple records and a family story indicate that Della Kemp (1895-1972), who married Rudolph Rosentreter (1881-1922) and later married William Gentry (1871-1944), had a child sometime prior to 1918.  By 1920, Della was claiming the child was deceased, but it is possible s/he may have been raised by relatives.  Further evidence is desired.

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