Day 7: In which I have some nice things to say about Texas

Shocking, I know. But Texas has better roads than Arizona and New Mexico (at least the ones I drove on), an awesome state park, and it was the first place where I totally had an accent. :-p Plus it had Cadillac Ranch! Where you can spray paint some old Cadillacs!

June 9Palo Duro State Park: where you can drive around in the Canyon, and there are water crossings! Also, it is only $5, unlike some other uppity canyons I could name.

June 9Texas also seems to be somewhat greener than the proceeding states. Although the lady at the gift shop in Palo Duro said “Oh, where the trees are!” when I told her I was from Oregon.

I also saw a giant cross

June 9and a leaning water tower.

June 9And a museum of barbed wire!

June 9In Oklahoma, I saw the National Route 66 Museum, which was somewhat meh. But had this giant sign!

June 9Also in Oklahoma? Garth Brooks Blvd.

June 9Tomorrow, it’s onto Fort Scott (the closest I’ll get to genealogy on this trip) and hopefully a laundromat somewhere!

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