Days 8 & 9: Norman, OK to Metropolis, IL

Dear Diary,

Today I was kidnapped by hillfolk, never to be seen again. It was the best day ever! Okay, not really, but I drove across the Ozarks, so I had to drop that reference.

The last two days haven’t been particularly exciting. Although I have seen a great deal of “wildlife,” much of which has been squished. When I left Norman Sunday morning, I saw my first roadrunner out in the street! Then, later in the day, driving through Kansas, I saw what were probably turkey vultures, some dead armadillos, and possibly a turtle. I don’t know if the turtle makes any sense, but it sure looked like a turtle crossing the road!

I also saw “the oldest swinging bridge in Kansas,”

June10a random airplane,

June10and Fort Scott. Some of my family lived in the town of Fort Scott in the time period of Bleeding Kansas, so I wanted to take a look at the fort. No admission was charged, and it was pretty awesome for something free! I took lots of fort pictures.

June10Then I went looking for some ancestors’ graves in some nearby cemeteries. No luck, so I moved on to Missouri, where I KNEW there were some ancestors’ graves. Or at least some graves of people the paper trail says are ancestors. Recent DNA testing has caused me to have some questions about this.

June10Then I stayed in Nevada, birthplace of my great-grandfather Leroy.

Today has been entirely DRIVING IN THE SEVERE THUNDERSTORM THAT WON’T END. All the way across Missouri and into Illinois. Where I am staying in Metropolis. And got a picture of Superman.

June 11On a random note, I have probably spent more nights in Illinois over the span of my life than in any state other than Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

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