Days… um… 10-11, I think…

Let’s see… what did I do yesterday… Oh, right. Left Metropolis, gassed up in Paducah, only to find three lovely paint transfers/gashes in the right side of my car by the gas tank. Apparently happened overnight in the hotel parking lot. Fortunately, my mom called the insurance agent for me just to see what the deal was on stuff like that… how much time I have to report it, will my rates go up, etc. I can wait until I get back, and my rates will not increase. Also, I have a $50 comprehensive deductible, so that’s nice.

Anyway, then it was on through a bit of Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

I made an unplanned stop at the Hermitage, because how often does someone from the West Coast get to see the home and grave of a POTUS?

June 12-13
June 12-13I also learned that there were no slaves at the Hermitage. There were, however, enslaved workers. o_O

I drove through the Great Smoky Mountains. I was… kind of unimpressed. I think this is what happens when you grow up with VOLCANOES.

June 12-13I stayed outside Asheville last night, and today it was on across North Carolina. Now, remember when I say this that I am originally from western Oregon. North Carolina has SO MANY TREES. I was not expecting this. Also, they have made a concerted effort to prettify their highways and there are day lilies EVERYWHERE.

June 12-13I arrived at the Atlantic Ocean this evening. I went to replace the flip-flops that the Missouri thunderstorm of doom had ruined… and then promptly lost one of them in the Atlantic. BUT! It gave it back! Nice ocean! There are lots of pelicans here, and hopefully I will get some pictures of them before I have to leave. For now, I need to figure out what the heck is on tomorrow’s agenda, although I at least plan to wake up and see the sunrise over the ocean. I might, however, go back to sleep immediately afterwards.

June 12-13

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