Day 12: In which a shrimp reuben is an abomination

Today was all about driving up and down the OBX. First, I tried to find some breakfast (WITH BAKED APPLES) but the parking lot was SO FULL.

So I went on to the Wright Brothers Memorial. Ooooh. Ahhh.

June 14I then continued to fail to find breakfast all morning. 🙁

Then it was on to Fort Raleigh and the Elizabethan Gardens. At the gardens, they advised bug spray. I declined, which I will probably regret. The Gardens were great, if you really like creepy gnome statues!

June 14
June 14
June 14Then, I got lunch. I ate a shrimp Reuben. It wasn’t horrible, but it just DOES. NOT. NEED. TO EXIST. The shrimp was batter fried! And in a sandwich! With COLE SLAW. It was bizarre.

After that, it was Cape Hatteras lighthouse. Which is probably the biggest tourist trap on the OBX.

June 14Then the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. Which was a disappointment. But at least it was a FREE disappointment!

June 14Then I bought taffy, and fudge, and a bracelet.

I came back to Kill Devil Hills, where I ate Key Lime Pie for dinner. Because I am an adult, and I am on a roadtrip, so NYEAH. :-p

Then I took some more pictures of the ocean, soaked my jeans, stole some sand to take home, and took a (blurry) picture of a pelican. Not necessarily in that order.

June 14
June 14
June 14

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