Days 15-17: Burlington and DRIVING

Let’s see… I spent most of Sunday puttering around Burlington, taking pictures of headstones and the like. Here’s the old iron works plant where my grandfather worked as a boiler maker.

June 17-18I took all of one picture on Monday, of a random aircraft mounted somewhere as I was driving. Or maybe less random, since it was part of the Strategic Air and Space Museum.

June 17-18Today I stopped briefly at Chimney Rock (You have died of dysentery!) and Hell’s Half Acre.

June 19
June 19I also got a ginormous crack in my windshield from some gravel thrown up by a truck. You know, to add to the gouges in my right rear fender.

And on top of that, I got hit by a pronghorn. Fortunately, that encounter was at least damage-free. He just grazed my back left fender. But MAN are Chupathingy (my car) and I tired of random car damage!


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