Day 18: Yellowstone!

Well, I made it through yesterday without any further damage to the car, except for the ever-spreading crack of doom in the windshield. I did, however, hit and kill a bird. I think it was a robin.

So! Yellowstone!

June 20 002
June 20 004
June 20 055
June 20 057I think that one’s Beehive Geyser. I only saw it from a distance

June 20 089Old Faithful from a distance.

June 20 093Grand. I tried to shoot some video of this one too.

It’s not that fantastic, but there you go.

June 20 110Oblong Geyser

June 20 117
June 20 162Lower falls, I think?

Today is the Heart Mountain Internment Camp, and then driving to Missoula.

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