Gardening post copied from my Folia page…

It’s fairly warm outside, so I thought I’d go out side and work a little on digging up my garden patch. Imagine my surprise when I located some flower bulbs under the sod I was pulling up. I attempted to relocate a few of them to the front yard, but I don’t know if they’ll make it or not.


While I was out, I also noticed that my garlic was sprouting! All four varieties have made their presence known, although the Killarney Red seems to be lagging far behind the other three. I planted 7 cloves of 4 types, and I can see all 7 sprouts of the California Select and the Chesnok Red, and 6 of the Transylvanian, but only one of the Killarney Red.

Considering that this is my first garden and EVERYTHING is an experiment, I’m fairly happy that ANYTHING seems to be living.

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