Family mystery update!

I imagine this blog will get a lot more use since I lifted my mental restriction of only using it for genealogical things. But, in any case, the first post in almost two years is still genealogy related.

Why? Because I’ve started making some (ever so minor) headway on my third child mystery.

First, I’ve discovered that great-grandma can’t really be trusted. Why? A few months ago, I discovered she had been married a second time. Did anyone in the family know about this? No. In 1922, she married William Gentry in Seattle. They were divorced in 1927. And here I’d always thought that the “divorced” notation in the 1930 census was a mistake and they meant widowed. Nope!

Second, I’m slowly collecting various family birth certificates as evidence. Sadly, my mom’s cousin didn’t have a copy of her father’s birth certificate, but I’m still working on ordering the birth certificates of others in the extended Kemp family as they become available. There may be helpful bits and pieces of information on them. One becomes available at the end of this month, and then I have to wait a couple years for the next one, and several years after that for the final one.

But the big news is that guess what! Adoption records prior to 1919? Recorded in Oregon law. A fact that no one in the world of genealogy ever seems to mention. Therefore… waiting for me at the library for pick-up tomorrow are five volumes of the Oregon laws (1911-1919) recording adoptions and name changes between 1909 and 1918. I can’t wait to comb through them and see if there’s anything to be seen.

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