Winding up; winding down. Alternate title: Amy really loves lists.

As the time draws closer to my retirement/resignation/buying my way out of the workforce, I’m starting to focus on listing the specific tasks I’ll need to take care of in the days both leading up to and following my last day at work.  Some of these are way more fun than others!

At work:

  • Finish all my pending reports
  • Leave my coworkers with a variety of technological tutorials.  My hobbies include avoiding doing menial GIS tasks, and stopping IT tickets both before and after they start!

Finishing up prepping and selling my parents’ house:

  • Finish painting at least the main floor (Should be done this weekend)
  • Pull up the carpets
  • Remove the basketball hoop from the roof
  • Power wash the north side of the house and the back patio
  • Tidy up the lawn and landscaping
  • Get an appraisal
  • Find an agent

I’m leaving the oil tank decommissioning off this list because that seems to be fairly well under control; I was told last week they had one sample left to take and could then work on closing the file (hooray!)

On the financial end of things:

  • Trade in my car on a pickup of some sort
  • Appropriately invest the house sale proceeds
  • Estimated tax payments are now going to be a thing
  • Need to find health insurance
  • Will need to roll over my 401(k) as the options suck and I’d much rather have all my accounts at Vanguard.
  • Cancelling DIRECTV.  This means no TV whatsoever, since I live in the land of no cable, but it’s really not worth what I pay for it, especially when I’ll be attempting to live on less money, at least for a while.  If I so desire, I can get for the price of like one month of satellite, and I can listen to NASCAR races over the internet.  In a pinch, there’s Hulu and Netflix.
  • Already found myself a cheaper phone plan!  Go me!

What do I want to get back to/on to with my soon-to-be-abundant free time?  (Well, more abundant.  School won’t be over until May 2017.)

  • De-cluttering this house.  It’s been kind of an insane mess since my mom passed and I brought a bunch of her stuff here.
  • Not-exactly-urban homesteading stuff!
    • Gardening! – will need to buy supplies in the winter
    • Preserving! – ditto
    • Bees??? – really need to look into this; the neighbors have bees and they don’t bother me, but my aversion to being stung is strong
    • Chickens???
    • Okay, probably not chickens.  Tiny dinosaurs, man.
  • Sewing!  Seriously, I haven’t sewn anything since some quick halter tops I tried to whip up last May and the dirndl I started but didn’t finish in October.
  • Work on obtaining an <a href=””>Accredited Genealogist credential</a>
  • Join a <a href=””>ProGen</a> study group
  • Resume playing horn – I bought maintenance supplies, and my braces are coming off in 12 days.  Bring on the Mozart!
  • Languages!  All the languages.  This includes programming (or at least scripting) languages.
  • There’s a family history I really need to research and write up.  Pre-marital sex!  Secret adoptions! Extramarital sex!  Bootlegging!  It’s all very scandalous.
  • Online family history archive that never exactly got off the ground due to time constraints
  • Astronomy!  It’s a shame to have a big ol’ telescope and never use it.
  • EVENTUALLY, I’ll be setting up a small genealogy & archaeology consulting business, but that’s not going to be immediate.  See: above statement about the end of school.  See also: everything else on this list.  😉


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