On to the Next Adventure – On the Present Situation and Future Plans

Over the last two years, both of my parents have passed away.  As an only child of middle class parents who managed their money well, if very conservatively, I’m left in a fairly secure financial position.  We’re not talking Powerball or even Megabucks winnings here, but after the sale of their house, I will be able to essentially replace my work income with passive income.  It feels wrong to describe the overall situation as either fortunate or unfortunate; it is what it is.  But the fact of the matter is, I’m now in a position where I can quit my job.  And while some people might prefer to keep working and have essentially double the salary, I’d rather have the same salary and 52 weeks a year of free time.  So as of October 1, I will be a free woman.

Some people claim they’d be horribly bored if they quit their jobs.  So how will I spend my time?  I envision my days as a combination of urban homesteader (growing, processing, and cooking food; sewing; keeping house), freelance academic (finishing up school; reading; researching; blogging and other writing; family history archival management), and traveler extraordinaire (truck camping, visiting archives, and the occasional long distance vacation).  I also certainly don’t rule out taking small archaeological or genealogical jobs, especially after I graduate in May 2017, and I imagine I’ll also put some time into trying to develop additional passive revenue streams to supplement my investment income.  On top of all that, I’d like to start playing horn again.  Who knows, maybe I’ll start building the wonders of the world out of matchsticks!  And of course, I’ll play lots and lots of video games.

The point is, that by the time I’m 34 (the age I’ll be when I finish my MLIS), for the first time in my life, I won’t be beholden to parents, teachers, professors, or employers.  Only to myself.  And I think that will be a very interesting and amazing position to be in!

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