LIBR 200 Blog Post #1 – Introductions

Greetings to my LIBR 200 classmates and professor!

I’m excited to get started in this, my first term in the San José State University iSchool MLIS program.  At this time, I have completed all the modules for LIBR 203, and I’m currently enrolled in LIBR 202 as well.  As I’m also working full time, this leaves me with quite the full plate!

This will be my third (but likely not last) academic degree.  I have a B.A. in anthropology, and an M.S. in resource management.  I work as an archaeologist, although I also find myself with some less official archival and organizational responsibilities (the dreaded “other duties as assigned”) from time to time.  Ultimately, I think what led me to a library and information science program was my love of information.  I’m primarily interested in historical information, but I definitely have broader interests.  I enjoy searching out different sources of historical information and utilizing them, whether it be in my personal family history, genealogy work I do for friends, or historical background research I do for projects at work.

Although I’m not currently entirely sure what specialization I might follow in the program, my experience researching in archives and special collections has me leaning in that direction, although I also have an interest in academic libraries.  I am also intrigued by indigenous libraries, although the tribe I work for does not currently have one.  There is, however, a research library in the tribal museum.  These multiple interests are why I applied to SJSU.  The number of electives available dwarfed those offered at other online MLIS programs.

Although I might eventually be interested in a career in libraries or archives, I’m currently happy just to be able to apply my new knowledge to various aspects of my present job.  We certainly have a lot of information in a variety of places (both physical and virtual) in the program I work in, and most of it could stand to be better organized and preserved!

I’m looking forward to reading about everyone’s information communities as we progress throughout the course.

And, since I feel as if I missed out on the first round of posting pet pictures, here’s one of my two goofy cats, looking suitably goofy:



  1. Caryn

    Hi Amy,

    Wow – I have always thought archeology would be such a cool way to spend time. I always imagine exploring exotic locations, and discovering amazing artifacts of societies from long ago. Archeology is a great combination of science, history, art, and library science.

    Your DNA and Most Wanted Ancestors pages were great! I look forward to reading more on your blog throughout this term (and program).


    1. AmyanaJones (Post author)

      Hi Caryn,

      I can’t say I’ve gotten to any truly exotic locations, but it’s still fun to get out in the field here in the Oregon/Washington/Idaho area. Mostly I spend time in the office writing up the results of the fun stuff our field staff gets to do (one of the perils of having a masters degree), but occasionally I’m allowed out of my cubicle, and I definitely get to do a lot of different things in the course of my job. 🙂



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